Sea Eagle Showcases Cameraman Event

David's White-Tailed Sea Eagle shot was recently chosen by the BBC from their Summer of Wildlife Flickr group to showcase a public event that took place in the West Midlands.

The shot, which David managed to capture during storm force winds and rain from a boat on the Isle of Mull, was used as a backdrop at the BBC's Life Through A Lens event, where famous wildlife cameramen from the BBC's Natural History Unit explained to visitors what equipment they use and how they shot footage in series such as Frozen Planet and Planet Earth.

On seeing the shot, the producer and director of Springwatch Ben Aviss tweeted that the image is 'a real stunner and all at BBC Nature agree'.

Here are two shots from the event. The first shows Rob Drewitt standing in the foreground. Rob has worked on numerous series, most recently Africa.

The second shot shows Doug Allan in front of the Sea Eagle. Doug is highly regarded as one of the best cameramen in the industry, having worked on everything from Frozen Planet to Planet Earth.

You can watch a video about Doug Allan by clicking here